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Zpower winch is a highly specialized winch manufactured, by manufactures with state-of-the-art assembly lines, together with in-house precision die-casting,exact latched , milling machines ,cat winch experiment system, quality management system passed ISO9000, CNC machining, heat treatment, polishing, high-pressure cleaning and finishing facilities. With the most advanced, fully-automated intelligent electric motor and winch testing facilities in the winch industry, to ensure the very highest standards of product reliability and durability.

Zpower winch a trade mark of OLTP Corp ,  Established in 1980,  USA Co.
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Winch ready front bumper
2007 - 2009 F-J-Cruiser


Winch Parts

EWN15000U *Gear hose cover $41.25
  *Brush holders Complete with Brushes Springs   21.25
  *12V motors                             127.25
  *Complete Gears Assy With Housing 225.37
  *12V Solenoids 32.35
  *12V Control Box Complete               72.37
  *Cable 62.31
  *PR Center Plates 25.15 ea.
  *Gear Control Handles Levers 14.25
  *Gear Assembly Inside Drum 24.35
  *Female Remote Sockets 1.52
EWN12000U *12V motors $116.06
  *12V Solenoid 32.35
  *Control Box Housing         7.50
  *Gear House Cover 32.00
  *Gear Control Handles 12.50
  *Gear Assembly Inside Drum 21.00
  *Gear Assembly with Housing 207.00
  *Female  Remote Sacket 1.52
EWX9500F *12V Motors $88.50
  *Integrated Covers 24.39
  *12V Solenoids 32.30
  *Gear Levers 7.15
  *Female Remote Sockets 1.62
  *Wireless Inside Housing WRS+WSE2   23.72
  *Gear Housing Cover 24.37
  *Gear Assembly With Housing 107.32
  *Brush Assembly 15.42
  *12V Control Box     --- complete 72.37
IST3500 *3500LB Mounting Plate 10.78
EWP3500A *Handle Bar Switch $9.17
  *12V Solenoid 15.17
  *Brushes Assembly 7.17
  *12V Complete Control Box 24.78
  *Female Remote Sockets 1.62
AWB2000 *2000 lbs. $49.95





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